China, Danmark to Cooperate in Mobile Internet

The mobile Internet industry leaders from China and Denmark met in Copenhagen on Sunday to discuss possible cooperation.

Around 50 top Chinese and Danish mobile Internet executives attended a forum late Sunday, exchanging ideas on the development tendency of mobile industry and the investment environment both in China and Denmark.

The forum was cosponsored by the Investment Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark and the Beijing-based Mobile Internet Great Wall Club (GWC).

Participants included executives from many leading mobile Internet enterprises in China such as Alibaba and Yicha. TDC, the biggest telecom operator of Denmark, and Morten Lund, the famous Danish entrepreneur of Skype fame, also attended the forum.

David Song, founder and president of the GWC, said in a speech at the forum that, “Sharing is the DNA of the Great Wall Club. We are dedicated to building an influential platform for CEOs in the global Internet market.”

“We welcome more and more Danish mobile Internet companies come to China, and we would like to help them build cooperation bonds with Chinese companies,” Song said.

The GWC members are on a nine-day business visit to four North European countries in an effort to enhance communication between the GWC members and the mobile Internet industry leaders in North Europe.

The GWC is a non-profit and non-governmental organization aimed at building an influential platform for CEOs in the global mobile Internet market.

The headquarters of the organization are located in Beijing, China, with representative offices in Japan, the United States, Singapore and Finland.

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