Carlsberg comments brewery shutdown in Thailand

No public comments were heard from Carlsberg’s Asian divisions to the argument between Beer Chang and Carlsberg since the Thais shut the Wang Noi brewery last Friday.
     A measure that effectively stopped production of the Danish beer in Thailand.
     But now Carlsberg’s mother company in Denmark comments to questions from Scandasia on the latest events.
     How do you respond to the latest move in Thailand against Carlsberg? I.e. the order to shutdown Carlsberg beer brewing at the Wang Noi brewery by your Thai partner.
     “We terminated the license contract with Carlsberg Brewery Thailand because they had not paid royalties for 2002. As the brewery in spite of a reminder in May 2003 still did not pay us we terminated the contract in August 2003,” says Margrethe Skov, Public Affairs Director, Carlsberg.
     If you plan to reenter Thailand, after or before the current feud is solved, how will that be done?
     “We are looking into the possibilities of how to continue to service the Thai market”, answers Margrethe Skov.
     The Thai partner wants to hold arbitration talks with Carlsberg. What is Carlsberg’s position on that request?
     “We too will take part in the arbitration initiated by our former license partner.”

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