Tuesday Group At Norwegian Church Had A Day Trip to Johor Bahru

On Tuesday 21 September, the Tuesday group at Norwegian Seamans Church in Singapore went on a day trip to Johor Bahru, for some in the group the first time they crossed the boarder.
       22 women and 1 man filled up 2 buses early in the morning. The first stop was at the Sultan Palace, which is a beautiful building surrounded by a nice park. The palace is full of history and they had a walk around inside. Next stop was a Kampong where the owner took them around and proud showed them all he had made in his backyard. He had a spice garden, his own coffee and cocoa that they got to taste, and he also gave them demonstration of coconut opening, rubber tapping, batik painting and he invited them to traditional Malay dancing.
       A local guide , Zahida Grinderud, took them to a local seafood restaurant by the sea for lunch, where the food was excellent. After lunch, they experienced that Johor Bahru has a lot more than shopping and they all got the chance to get new friendships in the group.

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