First Danish Female Priest in Singapore

The Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore will make history when it welcomes its first female Vicar, namely Kirsten Hougaard Eistrup, 55.
The Danish priest will take over from Ronald Petersen by mid February 2011.

Before Kirsten Hougaard Eistrup can say ‘hello’ to her new Church, staff and congregation in Singapore, she has to say ‘goodbye’ to her current Church in Hørsholm, north of Copenhagen, where she has been working since 1987.

“I am convinced that my working experience within the Church and the pastoral work can be useful in Singapore. I will not arrive just to carry on and nurse what others have started, but I will also, in collaboration with the Church council and congregation seek to promote and develop new tasks to the benefit of the Danes in and around Singapore,” says Kirsten Hougaard Eistrup who has already previously visited Singapore as a tourist.

Kirsten Hougaard Eistrup  is born 1956 in Ry near Silkeborg in Denmark and graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1985.

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