Saving Water and Energy

The Danish company ‘7-Technologies’ and its Chinese partner ‘Best Control Technology’ have successfully established a management information system in Guangdong province.

The Business to Business programme facilitated by the Danish Embassy in Beijing has supported the introduction of a Danish information management system in the water supply system in Shantou city, Guangdong province.

The information system helps the local water supplier to detect the pressure in the water supply system, which is a god indicator for leakages and possible water loss. Furthermore, the system can guide the operators to the right pressure to minimise water loss. Already the management system has helped save 5% in energy and reduced the water loss by 5%.

The project started in 2008 and is completed in November 2010. At a hand-over ceremony, Thursday 11 November 2010, Mr. Ke Yiping, Vice General Manager of Shantou Water Supply Company, thanked the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the valuable support to the programme.

The aim of the B2B project is to establish more commercial management systems in local water supply companies.  “Without the support from the B2B Environment programme this project would not have been started,” says Mr. Jens Krogh Løppenthien, Managing Director of 7-Technologies A/S.


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