Vietnamese Farmers Launch Website

The International Agriculture Trade Fair in Hanoi, AgroViet 2010, was held from the 11th-14th November 2010. Here a Danish supported new internet portal was launched in order to improve the working and living conditions for farmers in Vietnam.

The new internet portal ( is the outcome of a partnership between the government’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Centre (Agritrade), the Vietnamese ICT company SmartOSC Corp. and Danish ICT company AI design ApS.

The portal is the outcome of the Vietnamese-Danish partnership, which have been supported by the Innovative Partnership for Development Programme (IPD). The IPD is part of Danida’s development assistance in Vietnam, where support is granted for innovative partnerships that focus on improving the living conditions for the poor and exposed groups in society. The e-portal and the project aims to improve the working and living conditions for all farmers in Vietnam by enabling new opportunities and tools for farmers and enterprises to promote and sell their products, gain access to vital information, and communicate online.

The launch of the portal at the AgroViet 2010 exhibition in Hanoi received huge interest from farmers and enterprises within the agricultural sector with almost 300 farmers and enterprises signing up on the portal during the exhibition. The partnership as well as the project idea is highly innovative and the first of its kind in Vietnam. The project will involve relevant stakeholders including AgriTrade, 9 provincial trade departments, and a large farmer and exporter network.

As well as being an important tool for farmers to promote and sell their products, the e-portal will also be an important source of information for farmers of how to improve their production, work-conditions and preserve the environment.


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