Tuesday Strike Can Hit Finnair Hard

The Finnish Cabin Crew Union (SLSY) is threatening to begin a strike on Tuesday, 30 November 2010. Conciliation process continues during the weekend. If the strike takes place, it would affect Finnair and the airline Blue1.

The strike would bring a significant part of Finnair’s flight traffic to a halt. Every effort will be made to operate leisure flights normally, however. Leisure flights are mainly charter flights for the needs of tour operators. Scheduled flights would be affected more significantly. More information about the flights will be available if the strike is announced to begin. Detailed information is updated continually on these pages.

Finnair flight information

Finnair flight information is available at Flight departures, arrival times and cancellations.

We will make every effort to reroute you to your destination with priority of the passengers returning home.

When a flight is cancelled we serve with SMS text messages those of our customers who provided us with a mobile phone number when they booked their flight. For text messages, it is important that the current telephone number is included in flight bookings. You can add your mobile phone number to your flight booking on our website: Manage my booking or by calling our telephone service.

Finnair service numbers
Service to customers is provided on the telephone numbers +358 600 140 140 (3.12 e/answered call + lnc), open 24/7. You may call our local service numbers as well.

We update these info pages and kindly recommend that you monitor them, because our telephone service lines might be busy.

We are very sorry for the concern the strike threat is causing among our customers.

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