Norwegian Wins Prestigious Award in Singapore

Norwegian designer Bilal Zia Chaudhry is one of the winners of the Red Dot: Design Concept 2010 Best of the Best award. The enthusiastic designer is visiting Singapore this week to accept his prize at the Red Dot Museum.

Mr. Chaudhry is a recent graduate from the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo, and the project for which he has been awarded the Red Dot is in fact his Master thesis assignment. Along with the medical technology company Otivio, he has developed a medical device for combating hyperthermia in acute stroke. Hyperthermia in combination with stroke is extremely dangerous and increases the chances of death and disability. The device, which is an air-tight and pressure-resistant arm sling, cools down and stabilizes the body temperature. This product has also been awarded the 2010 Innovation Prize by the Norwegian Design Council.
The Red Dot Design award is one of the largest and most prestigious design awards in the world. In 2010, the sub-category of Design Concept received over 3000 submissions from 55 countries. Only 29 won the award for Red Dot: Best of the Best. The highlight of the competition is the impressive awarding ceremony at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore, which this year will take place on November 25.

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