Norwegian Man Killed by His Own Cobra Snake

A snake bite is thought to have killed a Norwegian Resident of Pattaya in his South Pattaya apartment.

On Thursday afternoon, Police and Rescue Workers were called the New Nordic Village in Soi 4 off the Pratamnak Road by staff working at the apartment complex who noticed a foul odor coming from room number 212 occupied by Mr. Per Christian Lindgaard aged 51 from Norway.

He was seen 3 days before taking a snake into his room, along with a glass case which he intended to keep as a pet. An inspection of Mr. Lindgaard’s body indicated a bite mark on his leg and the pet snake, identified as a Cobra, was found next to the bed and safely removed from the location.

Khun Oranoot aged 34 is a cleaner working at the apartment complex and explained that Mr. Lindgaard was an unusual man who did not socialize with others at the complex.

In September 2009 he was arrested after stabbing an employee of the apartments following a noise dispute. His body has been sent for a post mortem examination to confirm the exact cause of death and the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok have been informed.


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