Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra Tour in China

The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra will embark on its first tour of China from 29th December 2010 to 8th January 2011. Audiences will be treated to a solo appearance from the trombone master Lindberg on Ole Olsen’s Concertino for trombone and orchestra.
       A new philharmonic orchestra debuted in Norway in August 2009. The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra was founded as a collaborative project, uniting the leading musical institutions from the region to produce an outstanding ensemble with a unique sense of identity and belonging.  Their Artistic Director and Chief Conductor is the legendary trombonist Christian Lindberg.
       Founded in Bodø on June 18, 2009 with a budget of NOK 44 million (2009), the company has already become Northern Norway’s second largest culture institution. The state budget proposes a further increase of NOK 10 million in 2010.
       “The creation of this new philharmonic orchestra is the biggest cultural event in Norway after the opening of the Opera House in Oslo last year,” said a proud Minister of Culture and Church Affairs Trond Giske at the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra premiere concert in Bodø on August 1.  
       Just a few months after the successful premiere concerts in Bodø and Tromsø in August 2009, it has been confirmed that the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra with principal conductor Christian Lindberg are coming on an extensive tour to China.
       Such a tour is extremely prestigious internationally. The tour runs from December 26, 2010 through to January 9, 2011 and a total of 10 concerts are planned. The tour starts with two concerts in Beijing and ends in Shanghai. Prior to leaving for the tour, the orchestra will have 18 concerts throughout Northern Norway in 2010.

Christian Lindberg – Star Chief Conductor

A Swedish trombone virtuoso. Lindberg has premiered over 200 works, including over 70 new concerts. Growing up in Sweden, he learned to play the trumpet before taking up the trombone at the age of 17.
       He soon started studying with Sven-Erik Eriksson at the Swedish Royal Academy of Music. By the age of 19 he had a professional position in the Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra and at 20 he left the orchestral career behind to study to become a full-time soloist. He studied with John Iveson at the Royal College of Music (1979–80) and with Ralph Sauer and Roger Bobo in Los Angeles (1983).
       In 1981 he had his first big break, winning the Nordic Soloists’ Biennale competition. He had his concert debut in 1984 with the Trombone Concerto by Henri Tomasi with the Swedish RSO conducted by Saraste. In the same year he signed a recording contract by Robert von Bahr and released his first solo CD on the BIS label, “The Virtuoso Trombone”. Initially commissioned for an impressive three album deal to cover the most challenging music in the repertoire, Lindberg has gone on to produce over 60 solo CDs. He is best known for his performance of avant-garde. His repertoire includes Luciano Berio’s “The Ballad of Kit Bones” and Fredrik Hogberg’s“The Ballad of Kit Bones” and “Su ba do be”.

Schedule in China:
29 December, 2010, Laiwu Exhibition Centre, Shandong
31 December, 2010, Xiaolan Gymnasium, Zhongshan
1 January, 2011, Dongguang Cultural Weekend Theatre, Dongguang
4 January, 2011, Fuzhou
6 January, 2011, Xi’an Concert Hall, Xi’an
8 January, 2011, Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing

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