Great News For Allergy Sufferers

If you are allergic to gluten it no longer means you should miss out on the Danish food classic ‘open faced sandwiches’ (smørrebrød) or bread in general.

As the first and only restaurants in Krabi, Danish Café Europa and Nyhavn present gluten free bread.

“I spent three months developing and researching on the bread in Denmark, where I spoke with several professionals. The
bread contains 15 different ingredients and can stay soggy for a long
time, which is normally the problem with most pre-baked gluten free breads
So we have a hit on our hands, I think,” says
Henrik Enevoldsen of Café Europa.

“The big Scandinavian travel agents here in Krabi refer all their guests
with allergies to us and we are excited to help those people since there
are no hotels that have our kind of bread on their menu,” he continues.

The bread at Café Europa and Nyhavn is homemade and guaranteed 100 percent free of gluten and costs 250 baht/1200 gram.

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