Finnair Strike Ends, But Flights Still Grounded

A ten-day-old strike by Finnair’s cabin crew workers has ended, but any hopes for normal service on the Tallinn-Helsinki route have been dashed by severe weather.

The strike, which began at 13:00 on November 30, resulted from a deadlock on the issue of  crew members’ rights to take days off after returning from intercontinental flights. Management and union leaders, working with a state arbiter, reached agreement late December 9 on a collective contract that stays in effect until 2013, reported.

Resolution of the conflict came just as a violent snowstorm hit Estonia, disrupting most flights at Tallinn Airport.

December 10 saw three of the six scheduled flights between the capitals canceled, and two others significantly delayed.

Guerman Tyvoniouk, Finnair sales manager for the Baltics, has recommended that passengers check the company’s website or the Tallinn Airport website for the latest information.

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