Swedish Christmas Dinner at Stable Lodge

The Swedish Christmas Dinner 2010 was organized by The Thai Swedish Chamber of Commerce at Stable Lodge Restaurant on 15 December. Around 40 guests gathered up in friendly atmosphere.
The Swedish businessmen and their guests enjoyed the Scandinavian buffet, beer, snaps and wine. Because all the guests clearly knew each other well, the atmosphere was very warm and friendly.  They were all laughing, smiling and enjoying the dinner together. During the dinner, the participants joined in a Christmas song together in Swedish and English version as well.
The excitement grew when Mr. John Svengven, the Director of SwedCham, draw the giveaway voucher from Genesis Skin Klinik valued THB 10,000 each – and there were 8 vouchers in total! It was a surprise that seven of the 8 vouchers were won by men! One of the lucky men was President Kenneth Radencrantz, who immediately exclaimed: “Isn’t that great! Now I can be young again with this treatment!”
See photos below. [wzslider autoplay=”true” interval=”2000″ lightbox=”true”]

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