Falck Acquisitions in the USA

The emergency and healthcare company Falck has acquired the Californian ambulance company Care with 700 employees in Los Angeles and Orange County. The big Danish service company is also closing the acqusition of another major company on the East Coast.

The two acquisitions will make Falck the 3rd largest privately owned emergency medical service company in USA, Berlingske Business wrote.

The two acquisitions provide a solid platform for Falck in the enormous American market which is just as big as the total European market. Outside the US, Falck is already the largest private emergency service company.

The American acquisitions form part of a larger plan which is aiming at making Falck a more international company. Earlier this year the company has also announced the acquisition of a Swedish and a South-American company, Berlingske Business wrote.

The Californian ambulance company,

which Falck has now acquired, Care Ambulance Service, is a family-owned company with 135 vehicles and an annual turnover of about USD 60 million. This company is one of the 10 largest ambulance companies in the US.

Falck is also negotiating the acquisition of Lifestar, which operates in seven states on the American East coast. This company operates 440 vehicles and has a turnover of about USD 110 million.

The acquisition of Lifestar is dependant on the regulatory approvals and this is why the acquisition has not yet been executed, Berlingske Business wrote.
When both acquisitions have been executed, Falck will have more ambulances in USA than in Denmark.

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