Indonesian Faces Death Penalty on Danish Embassy Plot

An Indonesian militant went on trial on Thursday to face charges of plotting to attack the Danish embassy in Jakarta in revenge for the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published in a Danish newspaper in 2005.

Heri Sigo Samboja, alias Sogir, 28, was arrested in an anti-terror police raid in June together with Indonesia’s most wanted extremist, Abdullah Sunata, in Central Java province.

“The defendant targeted the Danish embassy in Jakarta due to an insult on Prophet Mohammed,” prosecutor Bambang Suharyadi told the West Jakarta district court, referring to the cartoons.

National police headquarters and Jakarta city police office were also targeted as ploice had arrested Indonesian mujahideens (Islamic holy warriors).

“The defendant had assembled five units of bomb detonators and hid them in a bedroom,” Mr. Suharyadi said.

Samboja faces death penalty if convicted.

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