Danish Corporation Signs DKK 3 Billion Contract in China

The Danish Logstor Group has signed an agreement valued at more than DKK 3 Billion with the Chinese city, Harbin to deliver more than 2,000 km of pre‐insulated pipes for districty heating in the city. Logstor is considered to be the world leader in pre‐insulated pipe systems for transporting energy.
“This opportunity is very exciting for Logstor and the potential for our products and technologies in China is huge. The Harbin contract will serve as our district energy starting point in China”, CEO Mr. Preben Tolstrup explains.
For the more than 10 million citizens in the 10th biggest city of China the agreement will make a huge impact to save energy. By using  Logstor´s technologies, energy efficiency in existing transmission systems is expected to increase by at least 30%, while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions by the same amount.
More than 2,000 km of pre‐insulated pipes are expected to be installed over a five year period, and Logstor will build a new manufacturing facility in Harbin employing more than 200 people. The first installations are expected to be carried out during 2011.
Logstor has been present in the Asian region since 2003.


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