456 Danish Businesses Closed Down in January

It was a sad start of the New Year 2011, as 456 Danish businesses struggled with such big economic problems that they had to close down in January.
But at the same time the previous year, 469 businesses went bankrupt. This appears of new data from the data, credit and analytics institute Experian.
Thus 2011 has got a little more optimistic start than the year of crisis 2010 which resulted in a bankruptcy record.

»Historically, January is a month with a little fewer bankruptcies than the annual average, and this January the number of bankrupt businesses was 2.8 per cent lower than in January 2010,« said CEO Christoffer Spangenberg, Experian.

»There are signs that we are moving out of the crisis. In January 2011 nearly 30 per cent more new businesses were established than in January 2010, « said Christoffer Spangenberg.

In January 1814 new businessses were established, and this shows that the Danish entrepreneurs continue the 2010 trend with an increasing willingness to establish their own business.

In 2010 6662 businesses went bankrupt. This was an increase of 13.3 per cent compared to 2009.


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