Scandinavian Design now in Silom

Designers Field had Grand Opening in Silom Thursday 17. The company is founded by the two Danes, Kenn Thaysen and Julie Ploger. Local media and potential custumers found their way to the showroom to look at Scandinavian design.

Designers Field creates Scandinavian designs with a touch of Asia, offering lamps, furniture, textile & wood accessories to the professional market. The business was founded as a Thai company last October and the new showroom and the office in Silom is a result of the growth the company experienced so far.

The business is two legged. Sourcing of products to retail chains is one of them, the other one is Designers Field´s own brand, Puji, sold to importers and wholesalers worldwide.

”The origin of the name is my friend´s daughter. She had a problem pronouncing the Danish word for cushion – pude – instead she said puji. So Puji it is”, says Julie Ploger.

Kenn Thaysen has a management background from a market leader in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market and Julie Ploger is skilled in advertising and design.

”When we relocated to Thailand we became an international company overnight. Now we are recognized by potential costumers from both the US, Africa and Asia-Pasific. Costumers we never met at the Danish trade fairs”, tells Kenn Thaysen.

One of the reasons to relocate is to be close to the manufacturers, the couple finds that Denmark is too far away to be able to secure the quality of the products. Both Thaysen and Ploger are very happy with their decision.

“It is very exciting to run a business here. It seems that everything is possible. The high cost in Denmark puts hold on many good ideas, while we can afford to concentrate on innovation and product development here in Thailand “, says Kenn Thaysen.

Designers Field has high hopes for the future. The company will stick to sales, marketing and design. All other aspects of the business like manufacturing, logistics and accounting are outsourced. And the Danish couple sees no dark clouds in the sky.

See more photos here.

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