Focus on Media, Extremism & Freedom of Expression

A two-day seminar on, “Media, Extremism & Freedom of Expression” jointly organized by the Oslo University, Norway and University of Indonesia (UI) held in Jakarta called upon media to avoid giving news coverage to hardliner extremists.

Top media personalities from Indonesia, Pakistan, Norway and Bangladesh attended the seminar. Known television anchors and journalists including Hamid Mir, Salim Safi, Sajjad Meer, Qatrina Hussain and Tanveer Shahzad represented Pakistan, said a press release received here on Saturday.

There was also debate held, whether there should be dialogue between the extremists and those adopting a moderate view on various issues.

The participants focused on the issue of media reporting about events having serious religious connotations as well as acts of militancy and put forth proposals as to how such reporting could be improved.  

Ambassador of Norway in Jakarta, Eivind S. Home inaugurated the seminar.

Whil some of the participants commented that media had an obligation to cover the viewpoint of all segments of society and viewers, readers, the general public had the ability to discern the truth on their own.

A special panel discussion was held later on the recent development in Egypt and the difficulties local and foreign media faced in bringing the unfolding events to people around the globe.

Participants expressed deep appreciation over the coverage of the events in Tahreer square by the media despite all odds.


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