Successful Expats Ladies Lunch in Pattaya

It was a wonderfully intense buzzing in the air at Linda’s Restaurant in Jomtien on Wednesday 9th. of February at the Ladies Lunch. 26 ladies from Norway, Sweden and Thailand had gathered to the ladies lunch in the Scandinavian Expats Club in Pattaya which is now headed by Annie Roe Norwegian and Swedish Rosita Knutsen.
       The high buzz was a strong indicator of satisfaction and informal atmosphere.
       No wonder when there’s so colorful and tasty food that Linda and her staff had on the buffet, the tables were beautifully decorated too! Very professional …
       With help from the microphone Annie and Rosita gave a welcome speech and some information. The women were informed about opportunities to go in a high quality spa in the region and a visit to a rehabilitation project for elephants. The interest seemed to be great and everyone enjoyed some activities for the ladies.
       Linda Eiksund had also given two gift certificates for dinners at the restaurant for the ladies lottery.
       They hope this could become a permanent activity in the future ladies lunches. The ladies can decide for them selves what the money will be used on.
       “This was very nice,” was a recurring comment from the participating women. Some of them were staying long into the afternoon.
       Next ladies lunch is Wednesday 23 February at the Sigurd Brown Cafe at. 12:30. All ladies are welcomed, you do not need to be a member of the Expats Club.

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