Elephantastic Everestti

Gearing up for the Elephant Parade this summer in Copenhagen the Danish artist, Marco Evaristti took the long way to Chiang Mai to let an elephant do his work painting a sculpture of a baby elephant.

The Elephant Parade will be the first of its kind in Denmark. The Elephant Parade is a concept developed by Marc and Mike Spits, father and son. The first Elephant Parade was held in the hometown of its founders: Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2007. This first edition showcased 50 elephants, painted by local and Thai artists. The exhibition was an instant success: according to the city mayor, it was ‘the most photographed event ever’

Elephant Parade wants to attract the most renowned artists worldwide. So far, top artists like Paul Smith. Jack Vettriano, Tommy Hilfiger, Corneille, Diane von Furstenberg and Lulu Guiness have painted one or more elephants.
The painted elephants fetch big money when sold at auctions. At Elephant Parade London in 2010, the top piece was sold for the staggering amount of 1,3 million Danish kroner. It was an elephant designed by the scottish painter, Jack Vettriano.

Art of an elephant

The concept of Elephant painting in Thailand was actually perfected following trials undertaken at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, U.S.A. using Asian elephants back in 1995, according to the website: http://www.visit-chiang-mai-online.com
Elephant painting in Thailand started in 1998 following the successful training of elephants at four different locations around Thailand. Calling elephant painting an art form is heavily disputed though.

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