Swedish Tourist Raped by a Phuket Taxi Driver

A young woman from Sweden has launched a complaint to the local police in Chalong, that she was raped by a local taxi driver this Sunday morning.

The 21 year old woman was walking along Patak Road in Chalong on the beachfront, when she was approached by a taxi driver.

According to Scandasia.com’s sources she had just left a bar nearby, where she had been drinking.

The Swedish woman accepted the drivers offer to bring her back to her hotel, but that never happened. Instead he brought her to an isolated area nearby the Karon lagoon, where he raped her inside the taxi.

The police have arrested the taxi driver. The taxi driver who didn’t have a license, admitted that he offered his professional service as a taxi driver to the girl, and that she accepted. He didn’t deny that they had had an intercourse, but that the sexual encounter was consensual.

At the moment the Swedish woman is together with her family.

According to plans the family will leave Phuket for Sweden the coming Tuesday.

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