Danish Donor Leaves Fortune in Red Cross Bin

“It’s not every day we get that kind of money,” said Birgit Dam of the Red Cross i Denmark. An anonymous donor in Denmark has left nearly $200,000 (£120,000) in a clothes recycling bin outside a charity shop run by the Red Cross.

The money was found in a bin liner under piles of donated clothing.

The note attached said: “To the Danish Red Cross, from anonymous. Have collected for 40 years.”

Staff at the shop are very grateful, but the police have asked the donor to come forward so they can make sure the money is not tied to any criminal act.

“It’s not every day we get that kind of money, found in a plastic bag among the clothes,” said Birgit Dam, secretary of the Red Cross branch in Tornved.

“[The notes] were in a common white bin liner and that was inside a big, black bin liner together with some nice clothes.

“And in the bag were 10 envelopes with a lot of money. Nicely divided, with two rubber bands around each envelope,” she said.

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