Danish Government supports fisheries industry in Vietnam

Danish Government aided the Vietnamese aquaculture particularly the fisheries industry through various multimillion projects for more than two decades.
Danish Ambassador Bjarne Henneberg Sorensen has received a medal for “Vietnam Aquaculture” for his contribution on the fisheries sector’s development, where the award ceremony was held in Hanoi in early June.
Vietnam News reported that since 1975, Vietnam and Denmark had been in cooperation when the Danish Government aided Vietnam to effectively develop its aquaculture programme by providing a loan to build frozen seafood factories. The country’s aquaculture sector progressed since 1999 when the Danish Government signed the agreement “Fisheries Programme Sector Support”, in which the project cost about $40.5 million.
The project went a step further when Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) carried out projects worth US$600,000 to improve the seafood quality, in which $5.8 million was invested to improve the quality of seafood export and $2.342 million to evaluate maritime resources in the first phase during 1996-1999. The project also included an overall planning programme for fisheries until 2010 in order to help Vietnam define policies and strategies to promote development in the fisheries sector.

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