Volvo sets up representative office in Jakarta

Business increases for the Volvo Group in Indonesia and the Swedish company is therefore setting up a representative office in Jakarta.
     All group products will be represented by the new entity.
     Currently more than 4000 Volvo trucks operate in Indonesia. From container haulage to heavy duty road trains for coal transport
     “The Indonesian market is very important for Volvo Trucks and Construction Equipment as there are a lot of mining and timber industries needing high quality products. Also for Penta and buses it is a growing market,” explains Mr Anders Biveby, country manager Volvo Indonesia. “For trucks the most important segments are coal transport, logging, mining, oil-field production, paper and pulp industry, cement transport and container haulage.”
     Today Volvo sells FM12 and FH16 trucks, a number of products from Volvo Construction Equipment, buses, Penta stationary and marine engines in Indonesia.
     “We also will have the Volvo Finance Company represented here. Volvo has been in Indonesia since the 1970’s. Also Volvo Cars (now owned by Ford) have been sold here for a long time through the Indomobil company,” continues Anders Biveby.
     His sales forecast for 2004 is some 300 trucks, around 50 buses as well as construction equipment and Penta engines.

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