Ericsson establishes new operation center in Singapore

Ericsson recently established a new regional operation center in Singapore to strengthen services delivery capabilities and reinforces its leading position in the fast growing managed services market in addition to the existing regional centers in Sydney, Dallas, Rijen, and Stockholm. From the operation centers, Ericsson manages networks and hosts solutions for operators and service providers.
      The operation center for managed services is a means of more efficient network operations and more effective hosting of platforms, applications and content management. By enhancing its capabilities through another operation center in Asia Pacific, Ericsson continues to assist operators and service providers to become more cost efficient, improve network quality and grow their revenue, says Hans Vestberg, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Services.
      Operators and service providers across Asia Pacific benefit from Ericsson’s operation centers in terms of economies of scale and extensive experience as well as the ability to manage multi-vendor and multi-technologies in a global communication environment.
      Ericsson also provides operators and service providers with fast, simple and cost-efficient hosting services for applications and content management from the operation centre. The hosting offered from Ericsson includes solutions for MMS, push to talk, streaming, pre-paid and content settlement, as well as distribution of and content management for music, entertainment, games, and many more.
      Singapore’s excellent network infrastructure that links many countries in the region along with Ericsson’s integration expertise in South-East Asia, are two key factors in the decision to base the operations in Singapore.
      Ericsson’s investment in a new operation center in Singapore will bring a competitive edge and reinforces the move toward managed services as operators and vendors work as partners to reduce costs and maximize revenues by bringing new services to market as quickly as possible.

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