Royal Copenhagen Moves More Production to Thailand

Royal Copenhagen has decided to move more production to Thailand. Only 10% of the production will be in Denmark according to the news agency Ritzau.

Since 2004, Royal Copenhagen has moved more and more production to the Thai factory.

Some of the world’s most expensive porcelain – Flora Danica – will still be produced at the Royal Copenhagen factory in Glostrup. The development and design departments will still be in Denmark.

“We will always have our design and development in Denmark. It is the only way that we can maintain our anchorage and 236-year history in Denmark. Royal Copenhagen is Danish design, and will continue to be”, says Mads Ryder to Ritzau.

Although Royal Copenhagen for many years has struggled with heavy losses, so it had been a matter of survival, if not Royal Copenhagen had allocated much of its production to Thailand, said the CEO.

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