“Tour d’Isan” with the Norwegian Seamen´s Church

The Norwegian Seamen´s Church in Pattaya is on wheels these days. The church has planned a bike tour from Pattaya to – and around in – Isaan in order to meet Norwegians and to promote the church.

Tour d´Isaan has six stages planned here in 2011 as:

7 October: Transportation by van, Pattaya, Bangkok to Nong Khai.
8 October: Bikeride Nong Khai – Udon Thani: 65 km
9 October: Bikeride Udon Thani – Khon Kaen: 122 km
10 October: Bikeride Khon Kaen – Sida Resort: 104 km
11 October: Bikeride Sida Resort – Nakhon Ratchasima: 86 km
12 October: Bikeride Nakhon Ratchasima – Buriram: 136 km
13 October: Bikeride Buriram – Surin 50 km
14 October: Transportation by van Surin – Pattaya.

The 540 km tour will be fully covered on the church´s website and a detailed plan about where to meet the bike riders can be found here:


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