Deeply worried about developments in Mindanao

– We are deeply worried about developments in Mindanao over the last week, and we regret the extensive use of violence, says Norwegian ambassador Knut Solem.

– We urge all actors to show responsibility and restraint. We hope that they will engage in efforts to prevent further acts of violence and thus an escalation of the conflict.

Norway is concerned about the turn of events taken on the ground in Mindanao and in the relations between the MILF and the GPH over the past few days. We are troubled by the worsened humanitarian situation and reports of human rights violations. It is of outmost importance that the principles of Human Rights are reinstated.

I firmly believe dialogue is the way of solving the conflict. We urge the parties to respect the peace accord, and we encourage the dialogue between the Government and the MILF to continue. We welcome the rejection of an all-out war.

Norway is a strong supporter and participant of the International Monitoring Team, and remains ready to further support its objective to monitor and promote a common understanding of the ceasefire accord.

– Let me also at the outset of these tragic events express my deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims (soldiers and civilians killed last week), says ambassador Solem.

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