China international forum on climate change

In his speech on green development Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen emphasized that both China and Denmark have taken this first step on the path to a green society, and both nations have taken determined actions and set ambitious goals regarding green development.

“China is a fast mover in terms of the transformation to a green economy, which the impressive improvements in energy efficiency and renewable energy clearly show. Denmark on the other hand is a first mover. Denmark started its journey towards limiting energy consumption already in the 70’ties. And we haven’t stopped since. Today, almost 12 percent of Denmark’s export comes from clean tech – and it is now part of the Danish brand on the global scene,” said Friis Arne Petersen and continued:

“But Denmark can still improve. Earlier this month the new Danish government announced an even more ambitious climate and energy policy to deliver a 40 percent reduction target by 2020. Efforts from many sectors and a large part of society will be required,” he said.

The policy will:

1. Reduce the Danish emissions by 40 percent in 2020 compared to 1990.
2. Turn the whole energy system into renewable energy by 2035 and ensure that half of the consumption of electricity will come from wind power by 2020.
3. And by 2050 Denmark plan to phase out oil, gas and coal entirely and become a fossil free society.

Among the participants at the Forum were many top officials such as Mr. He Jiankun, Vice Director of China’s National Climate Change Experts Committee and Mr. Liu Yanhua, Counsellor of the State Council and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science.

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