Danish Business Delegation to Indonesia

The Royal Danish Embassy Jakarta organises a Business Delegation on December 5-9, 2011 to explore the vast opportunities on the fast growing Indonesian market.

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy and has delivered consistently high annual growth rates exceeding 5% over the past five years. It is predicted that by 2050 Indonesia’s economy will be the 7th largest in the world. This success is underpinned by political stability and government commitment to reforms designed to make Indonesia a competitive destination for foreign businesses.
It is a country with significant potential. It has a population of more than 230 million, and an affluent and inspirational middle class estimated to be at least 35 million – equivalent to a substantial country on its own. The GDP per person moreover already exceeds that of its ASEAN neighbours such as Philippines, and has a GDP per person twice that of Vietnam.
“This delegation invites one or two of your company’s employees to discover this exciting country and to explore the possibility of meeting local partners, incl. local companies, NGOs, academic institutions, research institutions or public institutions,”he invitation says.
“The delegation is sponsored by Danida Business Partnerships and if your company qualifies for support, Danida Business Partnerships can cover up to 75% of your expenses directly related to the visit. Moreover, Danida Business Partnerships will organise briefings, visits, match-making meetings, and similar activities tailored according to the needs of your company.”

Key Sectors of Growth
To sustain current growth rates and secure future development, significant investments must be made in the following sectors in the years to come:
 Environment
Indonesia is the third largest GHG emitter in the world and also one of the most vulnerable countries from climate change. The country has pledged a 26% of GHG reduction, 41% with foreign assistance.

 Energy
The government has an ambition of reducing the total energy demand by 33% to 2,852 mtoe by 2025 and at the same time increase renewable energy so that it contribute 25% to the total energy use by 2025.

 Water and sanitation
Indonesia is determined to reach the Millennium Development Goals for coverage of water services from the current 48% to 69% by 2015, and sanitation from the current 51% to 62%. Private-sector Participation is encouraged by the government.

 Infrastructure
Infrastructure development is a key priority for the Government and this should generate opportunities in many segments of the sector. The construction sector alone is the largest in South East Asia representing around 45% of the market.

 Agribusiness and Fisheries
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contribute more than 15% to Indonesia’s GDP. Significant scope has been found for up-gradation throughout value-chains.

 Business services
ICT penetration and usage will be increasing, requiring better and more efficient network infrastructure across the archipelag.

Delegation in Brief
The delegation takes place December 5-9 and will start with a joint seminar in Jakarta followed by one-onone matchmaking meetings. Danida Business Partnerships offers financial support to companies that meet the necessary requirements. Preparatory meeting, match-making and advisory services are free of charge.

Pre-travel information meeting
Companies that participate in the delegation are invited to an information meeting on November 28,
14:00-16:00 at DI, Sundkrogskaj 20, 2100, Copenhagen

How do I sign up for the delegation?
Are you interested in signing up for the delegation or just getting to know more?
Contact one of the following at DI Business Development:

Peter Helk
[email protected]
(+45) 3377 3748

Simon Toft
[email protected]
(+45) 3377 3782

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