Danes attend meeting regardins flooding situation for business

Meeting regarding the flooding situation in Thailand for businesses participated by the Danish Embassy and members of DTCC, held at the Danish Embassy – 4. November 2011.Ambassadordor Mikael Hemniti Winther started with a briefing about the overall situation in Thailand. More than 40 company representatives of Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce participated in the meeting, the Danish embassy inform on its official website.

After the introduction, four key issues were touched upon including: immediate concerns, insurance matters, financial support and Government incentives and logistics/supply chain. Among the points raised were the following:

Immediate concerns. All were concerned about the need for exact information. It was agreed to circulate some more information, but at the same time pointed out, that most information will be outdated the moment it is published. Scenario planning is a good tool.

Insurance Matters. The Thai authorities have not classified the flooding situation thus leaving companies uncertain of their insurance situation. In general there is need for more exchange of views about insurance. The DTCC will check on possibilities for breakfast meeting regarding this issue

Financial support and Government incentives. Several opportunities are available for companies affected by the flood. The Danish Embassy has been in contact with banks willing to assist companies. No information regarding requirements or dates for rehabilitation loans has been released from the Thai authorities. The Danish Embassy and the DTCC will monitor situation. IFU and EKF are possibilities for support.

Logistics/supply chain. The supply chain is strained, with domestic logistics facing the biggest problems.

The meeting proved successful with respect to information and not least a possibility for exchanging views and ways to solve problems connected with the flooding


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