Danish Test Ride: $1.8 Million Zenvo ST1

The country of Denmark is known for its bicycle sharing programs, pedestrian-friendly city centers, $10 a gallon gasoline and 180 percent tax on automobile purchases.

Sounds like the perfect place for a $1.8 million supercar with a top speed of 233 mph, no?

Well, that’s exactly what the Zenvo ST1 is, and it’s built in the town of Præstø, just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen’s car-free Stroget district. Of course, you could cut that trip down to 15 minutes in the ST1 if you don’t mind breaking the speed limit.

The ST1-50S is the brainchild of Jesper Jensen, a Danish IT entrepreneur making his first foray into the automobile business. His team of 15 or so is lead by Troels Vollersten, an engineer with a background in auto racing, which is reflected in the Zenvo’s steel tube frame chassis and adjustable double-wishbone suspension.

Nevertheless, the focus of the ST1 is on design. Jensen says he hoped to capture the spirit of the crazy supercars from the 1980s with sharp, aggressive lines, and the car definitely delivers on that count. On the jaded streets of New York City, where Lamborghini sightings are a daily occurrence, the white Zenvo attracted the kind of attention that Lady Gaga would at a meeting of the Skull and Bones society.


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