A virtual art experience by Ingela Johansson and friends launched in Singapore and Malaysia

A 3D virtual art experience by Swedish Contemporary Artist Ingela Johansson and friends recently launched in Singapore and Malaysia. The cross country project ‘Harvest Moon’ was live-streamed on 24 April and produced by The Expat Fairs and Ingela Johansson together with an international team from Singapore, Europe, and Malaysia.

‘Harvest Moon’ is inspired by the Harvest Moon farming tradition and the exhibition featured 24 of Ingela Johansson’s artworks and insightful talks by top TEDx speakers. Viewers could also enjoy dances from Susanne Renck Kullgren and songs from Lia Kinell Fd Olsen and Casper Persson co-created alongside Ingela Johansson’s art.

Ingela Johansson’s art exhibition is described as a “ borderless creative collaboration that brings you 2 hours of beautiful and thought-provoking art!”.

After the event was launched, Ingela Johansson updated her fans on what she had learned from being part of creating an international virtual art event. “Many things happened that you had to solved on the go and I met people that each brought value, knowledge, ideas, and know-how”, Ingela Johansson wrote on her Facebook page.

She explained that their biggest challenges when working across several
borders were the timezones, and how many projects that innovative creative people are involved in. “One of our speakers is an international expert on innovation and her quote: “Diversity is the lifeblood of innovation” came to life in this project.” Ingela Johansson said.

The artist also learned that connections through art, music, dance, and great speakers could be made virtually but she had to ask for a lot of help from her friends.
“I always believed that the experience is improved when several creative expressions come alive, and how a great vision can hold it together. Next time we will mix it even more, and build from our experience. Personally, I had to step out of every comfort zone I had built for myself.” she said.

Finishing her post, Ingela Johansson said, “The journey taught us a lot, and I can already hear ideas from many parts of the team. Harvest Moon was created in Singapore, Sweden, and Malaysia. We had speakers and contributors from Norway, Germany, and the United Kingdom.”

The online event originally live-streamed TheExpatFairs.com but is now also available on Ingela Johansson’s youtube channel.

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