Finland’s Secretary of State Pertti Torstila to speak at FCCT

Finland’s Secretary of State Mr. Pertti Torstila will speak on the topic “Europe and the Global Quest” at the FCCT (Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand) on Tuesday 4 June 2013 at 8.00 p.m.

The Euro zone has been buffeted by a succession of crises.  Although the financial markets have been quieted post-Cyprus by several steps taken by the European Union, the questions remains:  are they enough to quell the turmoil and what will be the long-term economic effect of a continent beset by slowing growth?

The fact of the matter is that Asia is outperforming the world as a whole, and other emerging regions in particular, in terms of economic growth with this year, 2013, set to surpass 2012 despite slowing output in the giant economies of India and China.  What does this mean for Europe?  Can a Free-Trade Agreement between Thailand and the EU boost growth figures for both parties?

Growth, of course, is not the only issue.  Climate change, persistent poverty, energy resources, sustainable development and growing inequality also crowd in for space on the public agenda, yet occasionally seem to be of more concern to the EU than to transitional and developing nations in this part of the world.

Mr. Pertti Torstila
Mr. Pertti Torstila

Mr. Pertti Torstila is the highest ranking civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with overall responsibility for the activities and organization of the foreign policy administration.  Holding a master’s degree in political science from the University of Helsinki, and having studied at the prestigious French Ecole Nationale d’Admininstration, he has served as Finland’s ambassador to Sweden, Hungary and Croatia, as well as heading the Finnish delegation at the CSCE negotiations on military security in Vienna and at the CSCE Summit in Helsinki.   With a wealth of experience in European and transnational affairs, as well as crisis management, Mr. Torstila is well placed to address these issues and to offer a northern perspective on the challenges of sustainable development affecting Thailand and the emerging countries of Southeast Asia.

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