Are you paying too much for your coffee? Check here

Photo: Sanso Kim on Pixabay

Whether you like it hot or cold, with milk, sugar, egg, whipped cream or just plain black, most adults know the feeling of waking up in the morning but not feeling completely awake until they have had that first sip of bitter, brown, caffeinated drink: Coffee.

But the price of grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to work is sure to change dependent on where in the world that might be.

Comparison platform Finder has compared prices across the globe based on buying a tall latte at a Starbucks cafe.

It may come as no surprise to most, that Denmark tops the world ranking with a price of 6.05 USD for a hot cup of the drink.

If you find this a little too steep, you would want to go to the Philippines for the cheapest coffee in Asia paying just 2.69 USD for the same drink. The country takes the overall 67th place of a total 76 compared countries.

See below what the coffee would cost you in Scandinavia and in selected Asian countries. Note that most coffee prices are collected from capitals or larger cities.

coffee prices

Furthermore, Finder has compared coffee prices to the respective country’s GDP per capita to create what they refer to as the Starbucks Index 2019.

The index reveals that based on Denmarks GDP per capita, citizens are paying 44.26 percent more than what would be expected. Also in Finland they have to fork out a good extra euros compared to what the GDP per capita would suggest.

However, in some countries such as in Vietnam and Cambodia, you actually get your daily dosis of caffeine cheaper than predicted by the GDP per capita.

See below the index valuation. If a value is negative, it means that the coffee costs more than what would be expected whereas a positive value means cheaper coffee than GDP per capita would suggest.

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