Artist Talk in Hanoi with Norwegian artist Henrik Placht

Photo: Salon Saigon’s website

Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi proudly presents Artist Talk with Henrik Placht, Norwegian artist setting his goal to fill the Hanoi Museum with art in the future. The event will begin at 7.00 pm of Tuesday May, 7 2019 at Salon Saigon’s gallery locating at District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

A Norwegian artist who was born in 1973, Oslo, Henrik Placht has been performing his art works for almost 20 years since he graduated from the Academy of Fine Art Bergen, in Norway and Academy of Art Berlin, Weissensee.

Placht used several kinds of art techniques such as painting, drawing and prints in his works to present the diversity of people’s lives and their stories—two things that inspire him most on his paintings.

The topics presented in Placht’s paintings are very vary. It can be ranged from love stories, his personal and emotional life events to current global issues such as politics, global warming, history, international politics, architecture, particle physics and science.

Norwegian artist Henrik Placht (Photo: Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi’s Facebook page)

According to Placht’s recent interview with Voice of Vietnam (VOV) news agency on April 29, he shared that his fondness for Vietnam since the first time he had set foot in this land is the reason that brought him to Vietnam this time.

“I first came to Vietnam in 2017 and fell in love with your country immediately. I remember when I first landed in Ho Chi Minh City I felt so home. I never felt like that before when just landing in a place.

“I have been travelling to different cities in Vietnam for the last two years. The more I travel, the more I love the country, its warm, kind, and sweet people, the atmosphere, the nature, the food. Above all is your rich culture and long history. I am also lucky to have met many strong and proud people that inspire me a lot,” he told VOV.

His fondness for Vietnam urged Placht to make not only one-short plan to have just one exhibition in Vietnam and then leaves but he also had a long-term ambitious dream to build a bridge for Vietnamese art students and fill the Hanoi Museum with art in the future.

“I have read and heard a lot about the Museum being left empty for the 10 years. It is such a great pity. People need and deserve art exhibitions. Museums should and have to be filled with arts. Of course this cannot be done overnight, but it is time we should do something about it. There is a huge work ahead to do but once there is a will, there is a way,” he told VOV.

At his coming exhibition, Placht will present the story behind his paintings and the development of his visual language as well as his activities in North Korea and the reason why he has built an Academy of Fine Art in Palestine.

Tickets are available at 100,000vnd (50,000vnd for students and Salon Saigon members) or pay 120,000vnd (60,000vnd for students and Salon Saigon members) at the event.

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