Bus kills Finnish man

A tour bus driver hit a Finnish man in the early hours of Sunday. According the driver the man threw himself under the bus and later died from his injuries.

ThaiSelect0506-0658 (1)A Russian tour bus coach driver had himself quite the shock when Mr. Timo Kalevi Kantsila aged 59 from Finland apparently threw himself in front of the bus.
The accident occurred on Jomtien Second Road near the View Taley Residence.
Timo Kalevi Kantsila suffered life-ending unjuries form the accident. The driver of bus Khun Natawoot aged 42 claimed that he had no chance of reacting and stopping the bus as he was driving the bus normally and the victim was standing on the central reservation.

Though Khun Natawoot claims that that the incident was an accident and that it was impossible for him to predict what the victim what do, the police arrested him and charged him with reckless driving causing death pending the results of a thorough investigation into the incident.

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