Business opportunities for Finnish companies in the post election Myanmar


This Monday evening the first jointly organised event with Finnish Business Council in Team Finland ASEAN Spirit was held at the The Ambassador of the Republic of Finland, Paula Parviainen, residence in Singapore.

The theme for the event was “Business opportunities for Finnish companies in the post election Myanmar” with the purpose of seeing the aftermath of Myanmar elections, and have an analyst outlook on Myanmar and KONE experiences in doing business in Myanmar.

The first speake at the event was Jarmo Kuuttila – who has been the Finnish Charge d’Affairs in Myanmar since October 2013 – and his talk was focused on Myanmar’s political landscape and long term business implications after the election.

The next speaker was Romain Caillaud – Senior Director in Global Risk and Investigations pratice of FTI consulting – who is specialised in Southeast Asia and Myanmar where he has conducted political, regulatory and business risks assessments.

The last speaker was Arttu Salmenhaara – Director of New Equipment Business & Quality at KONE – who’s talk focused on KONE experiences with doing business in Myanmar.

The message from the speakers was clear: it is now time for the Finnish companies to go to Myanmar, as there is a lot of potential. Big infrastructure projects are about to start and the Finns know what is needed for those to succeed. But they shouldn’t wait for too long, otherwise they will miss out on those opportunities.



Source: Embassy of Finland in Singapore

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