Cambodia reopens to tourism – if you pay 3000 USD in deposit for Covid-19 treatment

The Cambodian’s heritage, Ankor Wat. Photo: makemytrip

Travel industry has been on hold during the pandemic breakout, although a few countries have reopened for tourism. For South East Asia, Cambodia has opened up to tourism again on 11 June 2020 with additional US$ 3000 deposit policy upon arrival for travelers.

According to Timeout, along with a statement from the Finnish embassy in Bangkok announcement confirmed that Cambodia’s health ministry explaining on how the new policy applies:

1. The deposit must be paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival.

2. a mandatory test would also be conducted on arrival at a cost of $165, to be deducted from your deposit. (This covers $100 for the test itself, $5 for transport to the testing centre, and $60 for three meals and a night in a hotel while you wait 24 hours for the results.)

As well as in an addition noted that if one person on a flight tests positive, all other passengers will have to be quarantine for 14 days at a cost of $1,280 per person ( covering accommodation, meals, laundry and medical services).

For every passenger who tests positive, each night spent in hospital will cost $330. For the total expense will then exceed $3,000, the country is also requiring visitors provide proof of valid health insurance valued at a minimum of $50,000 to cover any additional costs.

The ministry also notes that if a visitor to the country were to die from Covid-19, $1,500 would be deducted from the deposit or claimed from insurance.

Please view the latest official statement on travel deposit policy for your consideration here

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3 Comments on “Cambodia reopens to tourism – if you pay 3000 USD in deposit for Covid-19 treatment”

  1. You’re wrong. 3000 new visitors have added 9,000,000 in deposits so far

  2. It’s not thrue, Cambodia is not open to tourism at all, only business visas and other kind of visas are available right now. Regular tourist visas on arrival and E-visas for tourism have been canceled until further notice.
    If they reopened for tourism I’ll be glad to know how to apply for a tourist visa ? Thank You

  3. This is stupid. No one will take this kind of risk. How reliable are their tests? What if their test gives an INACCURATE positive result? Better to continue to ban tourists than implement this joke of a policy.

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