China gives Award to Norwegian scientist

Nils Stenseth, a Norwegian scientist has won the 2018 International Scientific Cooperation Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) along with Singaporean and Japanese scientists on Thursday, 18th January 2019.

According to the CAS’s website “the winners are Singaporean fracture mechanics expert Shih Choon Fong, Norwegian ecologist Nils Stenseth and Japanese climatologist Toshio Koike. Their certificates and medals were presented by Bai Chunli, president of the academy, in a ceremony in Beijing”

All of the winners have been contributing scientific development and innovation to China for many years.

About the Norwegian ecologist, Stenseth’s work focuses on ecology, evolution and climate change. He has been collaborating with the academy for over 20 years.

Nils Stenseth, Research Professor in ecology and evolution (Photo: European Research Council)

Stenseth has mentioned about his scientific research and discovery that he recently cooperates with China.

“China is doing very well when it comes to scientific studies on epidemic diseases,” he says, adding that he obtains new and unique insights by analyzing the wealth of historical records China has kept on climate, ecology and plagues.

“Understanding ecology and old diseases in wildlife is very important if you want to make predictions about human diseases. It is very important that China takes an ecological approach to disease management and an ecological approach to disease surveillance and monitoring.”

Moreover, Zhang Yaping, academy Vice-President also stresses the advantage of giving the award to foreign scientists.

“Various institutes from the academy should take advantage of opportunities presented by the Belt and Road Initiative and continue to collaborate with world-class foreign scientists. This will allow us to create an innovative environment that is beneficial for producing research, talent and ideas, and accelerate the academy’s process of becoming a world-class research institute,” he says.

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