Danish Women’s Network: Annual general meeting 2019

Photo: Danish Women’s Network

Danish Women’s Network (DWN) in Bangkok, Thailand, held their annual general meeting on 17 January 2019. It took place at The Athenee Hotel with attendance of 21 members. Prior to the meeting, the members could enjoy a dinner with buffet.

At the meeting, new members were chosen to serve on nine committees that will arrange different events throughout the year.

Line Krogh Andersen, Camilla Møller Jørgensen, Jolanta Brown and Christa Lund Herum resigned from the board.

Jill Lerche, Rikke Kyung Elmvard and Nanna Stensler-Gotfredsen were elected to the board.

Looking back at 2018, board member Kit Daniel thinks it has been a successful year for DWN:
“We have arranged many different events that a lot of our members attended. I also find it very positive that the members have arranged things on their own such as a new sports club,” she tells ScandAsia.

In 2018, DWN held a very successful Christmas bazar together with the Danish Church in Thailand. The Christmas bazar attracted approximately 500 visitors. It will be held again this year. In 2019, DWN is also arranging a charity jazz concert that is already sold out.

Furthermore, DWN will in 2019 expand their cooperation with the Danish Church in Thailand, Danes World Wide and DanCham.

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