Minister of Foreign Affairs optimistic about Denmark-China relationship

Denmark looks forward to cooperating with the new Chinese leadership to promote the bilateral strategic partnership, Foreign Minister Villy  Søvndal said.

“We enjoy a very positive and fruitful relationship with China on many issues and within many fields. We will do our utmost to ensure that the positive trend in our relations continues,”  Søvndal told the Chinese media Xinhua  in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

Søvndal said the new leadership’s commitment to building a beautiful China, which emphasizes green growth and sustainable development, would have immense benefits for both China and the global community.

Noting the Chinese strategy of expanding domestic demand as a key instrument for future growth,  Søvndal was optimistic about future trade and cooperation between the two countries.

Danish trade with China over past five years has grown about 20 percent annually and Denmark has a goal to double its export to China by 2016, which would make China one of Denmark’s four largest export markets, he said.

In terms of foreign policy,  Søvndal agreed with China’s initiative for building a new type of inter-power relationship, which is focused on win-win cooperation, mutual trust and favorable interaction with other countries, adding that these are concepts countries would adhere to.

“I trust that we will continue to see a China engaging in managing global issues as we are seeing now. Cooperation and coordination between major powers are paramount to ensuring global security, prosperity and development,”  Søvndal said.

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