China to probe EU pork trade in response to EV tariff

Chinese firms have formally applied for an anti-dumping probe into pork import from the European Union, according to Chinese state media. This escalates tension after the EU has put tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles.

The probe would be an issue for Denmark as the country exported worth $556,1 million in 2023. Other countries affected include Spain, which is China’s top supplier and the Netherlands and France.

In 2023 China imported $6 billion worth of pork in total, and imports from the EU make up more than half, according to customs data. The report did not make clear what pork products would be targeted.

The Chinese market is important for European importers as products such as pigs feet, ears and offal are popular among Chinese consumer and not Europeans.

An anti-dumping probe is a tariff which can be put on foreign imports if the government believes foreign prices are below the fair market value.

Source: Reuters

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