Indonesia encourages Finland to recognize Palestine

The Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi met with the Finnish President Alexander Stubb in Helsinki and encouraged him to recognize Palestinian statehood.

Earlier this month, Marsudi announced she would meet European leader with the goal of getting them to recognize Palestine. She hadn’t yet announced what countries she intended to visit, but Finland seems to be the first in line.

And according to Marsudi, the exchange was fruitful. At an online press statement in Helsinki she said:

“Finland has stated that its recognition is a matter of if rather than when, meaning it is just a matter of time before it announces the recognition.”

She also said, that Indonesia is paying close attention to Finland on the matter and that she eagerly awaits the president’s statement. He allegedly told her, that Finland is planning to recognize Palestinian statehood “at some point in the future”.

Marsudi stated, that she encouraged the Nordic country to speak up about the issue sooner rather than later as she believes it to be a push in the direction of a two-state solution.

The two state leaders agreed on the urgency of an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Gaza, as well as the importance of a two-state solution.

Marsudi told the press, that she hopes other countries will follow suit.

“We share the same view of the importance of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2735 at the earliest. We hope that all countries will exert their influence to urge the warring parties to willingly implement the resolution,” she said.

Source: Antaranews

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