Chinese doctors to provide WeChat consultations for overseas Chinese


Eight doctors from the Tongji Hospital and the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South Univeristy in the Chinese province of Hunan have volunteered to provide online consultations for overseas Chinese people through WeChat groups, reports the Chinese daily

The eight doctors have created 19 different WeChat groups for overseas Chinese people in 16 different countries, including Sweden. It is reported, that nearly 10,000 overseas Chinese, including students abroad, have joined the groups.

The doctors have through the online consultations guided thousands of Chinese people on how to properly self-isolate and to carry out self-protection measures, as well as offering psychological counseling.

“In addition to effective prevention measures, many also ask questions about certain physical symptoms they have,” said Zhang Leivi, one of the eight doctors who has established the WeChat counseling service.

The doctor reports, that many Chinese people who send questions about their physical symptoms are simply anxious and nervous, and through guidance and counseling many have been calmed.

The team plans to set up WeChat groups in most affected countries to help and guide more overseas Chinese people.


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