Phuket under lockdown

Photo: Jonathan Head (BBC).

On 24 March 2020 it revealed that nine new cases had been registered in the Thai paradise Phuket – bringing the provincial total to 26. The revelation led to a week-long lockdown, until 31 March 2020, ordered by the governor of Phuket Pakkhapong Thawiphat.

“However, if the infections continue to rise, the provincial communicable disease committee will meet again to issue additional measures, which may include banning people from leaving their homes until the situation improves,” the governor of Phuket said at press conference 24 March 2020.

Currently the lockdown includes entertainment venues and department stores. Sit-down restaurants and food vendors are ordered closed too but can offer takeaway. All travelers entering Phuket will have to undergo a thermal scan.

The Public Health Chief of Phuket Doctor Thanit Sermkaew reports that the nine new cases consist of five Thai women, one Thai man, two French nationals and a Swedish national.

Source: The Bangkok Post

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