Christa Lund Herum new Danish priest in Bangkok

Christa Lund Herum – currently based in Phnom Penh – has been selected as the first priest at the new Danish Church in Thailand. Technically, her title is pastor, but since the English word priest and the Danish title præst is so close, most Danes will probably call her priest.

The 53-year old Dane currently lives in Cambodia, where she is working for Danmission as Dialogue and Communication Consultant covering Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and India.

In 2015 she was ordained priest and has as such worked occasionally as a volunteer for Danish Church Abroad serving Danes living in Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh. From 2014 and up until last year, she lived in Dhaka with the same assignment as she has today.

Christa Lund Herum’s first assignment abroad was from 2005 to 2007 where she was sent out by Danmission to be Interreligious Coordinator for the Episcopal/Anglican Church, placed in Cairo, Egypt.

Between the two assignments, she has had a range of demanding jobs for Danmission in Denmark, working mostly with communication and fundraising.

Christa Lund Herum was interviewed by the Danish Church Council in Bangkok and the selection committee of DSUK in Copenhagen simultaneously on Tuesday 27 June along with three other selected candidates and was unanimously chosen as the ideal person to fill this pioneer position in the Danish community in Thailand.

“The task of starting up the big and demanding job of creating a congregation and a well-functioning church for the various groups of Danes in Thailand is one that I can easily see myself enjoy handling,” Christa Lund Herum says.

“It is a task that I sincerely has a big desire and determination to engage myself in.”

Christa Lund Herum is married to Peter Herum, who is also working with Danmission and they have 2 children, Jonas 16 years and David 21 years.

Many practical issues related to the new position in Bangkok will await her arrival to take up the job, which will probably not be until October. That, however, still leaves enough for her to fulfill the dream of this year having a Danish Christmas service in Bangkok.


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