Danes to vote for one national dish that defines their food culture

Denmark’s food minister launched on September 11 a nationwide vote to elect an official dish that represents Denmark the best.

“I hope that the vote about Denmark’s national dish will get the Danes to discuss the Danish food culture with their colleagues in the canteens and with family and friends around the kitchen table at home,” Dan Joergensen said in a press release. dan_dishes

Danes are invited to make suggestions on the social media for inspiration and debate over the next two weeks. Eight selected chefs from eight different regions will develop three daily dishes using local ingredients.

“We may have some of the world’s best raw food materials. Historically we also have a proud food tradition and I think we can rediscover and develop it. A discussion of the favourites will definitely help us on our way,” Joergensen said.

The dishes must be well known and appeal to the average Dane. They will be presented to the citizens of the region, who can then vote for their favorite on website www.danskernesmad.dk, according to the minister.

To vote click here

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