Danish arson suspect walks free


James Christensen, who was arrested in February 2005 for allegedly trying to kill a chickenfarmer by setting fire to his roof, was today Wednesday 18 December finally acquitted of the accusation.

The court in Langsuan read the verdict of the supreme appeals court to him while his old friend from Langsuan Khun Veerapong translated the verdict. The judges had noted the discrepancy between James Christensen’s regular sandals and the foot prints found at the crime scene. They also noted the inability of the police to find James fingerprints on the cart used to transport two gas tanks from James house to the crime scene.

During the first part of James eighteen months in prison, he spent five and a half month in a dark, solitary cell. Eventually he was released on bail collected from mostly Danes in Thailand and a few major contributors in Denmark while the first verdict of ten years imprisonment was appealed. The appeal document was written by lawfirm Kamthorn, Somsak, Surachet at no charge.

The first appeals court reached three years ago the same conclusion as the supreme court today.

James has remained in Thailand during the full almost eight years of the ordeal waiting for the outcome as he was denied permission to leave the kingdom.

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